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Pushkar Camel Fair (2nd / 10th November 2011)

Travel Monitor IndiaEvery year thousands of devotees throng the lake around the full moon day of Kartik Purnima in October-November to take a holy dip in the lake. Huge and colorful cattle fair "The Pushkar Fair", is also held during this time. Pushkar fair is well-known for it's Camel trading and other attractive activities.
The Cattle Fair of Pushkar is the spotlight of an Indian holiday. It's during this period that the population of 14,000 swells to over 200,000 while the festival hosts over 50,000 camles which are sold, raced and decorated. You can observe devotees taking a holy dip in the Pushkar Lake and seeking blessings at the only Brahma Temple. Rajasthan also have many. festival and fairs. Some of the popular fairs are Pushkar Camel and Cattle fair held annually in November, Camel Festival Pushkar you will spy the vibrant colors of the Camel and Cattle fair. Imaginations blossom via jazzy color combinations and resplendent vignettes, portraying lifestyles of enigmatic elven figures. The famous Pushkar fair is a major camel festival in India.
One of the most popular and colorful fairs of the Thar desert is the Pushkar fair, which begins on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi & goes on for five days till Kartik Purnima. The time of the fair coincides with the bright half of the moon during the months of October-November. The lake at Pushkar is one of the most sacred in India.
Travel to the holy place, Pushkar, lies in the breast pocket of two major cities of Rajasthan: Jaipur (139 km) and Ajmer (13 km). Rajasthan State Transport Corporation runs comfortable deluxe buses, in every 15 minutes, which connects Jaipur and Ajmer, from Jaipur main bus stand. You can also fly up to Jaipur, and then cuddle up in a taxi until the gritty sands of Pushkar welcomes you. Well connected to all major destinations of the country by broad gauge lines, Ajmer station is bis by your side if you are traveling by train. Pushkar is a relatively small town and it is easy enough to loiter around on foot. Without the opportunity to hire an auto-rickshaw, you can even go for a bicycle.

Pushkar Fair & Festival Activities 2009
Dance music and colorful shops spring up during this fair. Also on sale are mouth-watering traditional delicacies. Colorfully attired village folk enhance the fun of the occasion.
A host of cultural event against the backdrop of this pretty setting is also organized including attractive puppet shows. Cattle auction and camel races are also a part of the festivities.

Pushkar Fair & Festival History
Pushkar is among the five Dhams or pilgrimages that are held in high esteem by Hindus, the others being Badrinath, Puri, Rameswaram, and Dwarka.

It is said that in battle lord Brahma killed the demon Vajra Nabh with a lotus flower, whose petals floated down to earth and landed in three places in and around Pushkar where lakes sprang up. According to legends, Pushkar Lake was surrounded by 500 temples and 52 palaces (several rajas and maharajas maintained palaces here for pilgrimage) at one point.

The Brahma temple is the most important temple here and is, in fact, the only Brahma temple of India. It is interesting to note that Brahma is not worshipped, even though he is one of the Holy Trinity of Hinduism. Brahma, it is said, had descended on earth to perform a Yajna (fire-sacrifice). His wife Savitri was not with him at that time and the Yajna would be incomplete without her. Therefore, Brahma married a local girl and sat down for the Yajna. Meanwhile Savitri landed on earth and, upon finding this new bride sitting next to Brahma, cursed him that he would never be worshipped anywhere else on earth.. Getting there

Pushkar The sacred town situated 11 kms. to the North-West of Ajmer.

How to reach

By Air
Jaipur, the nearest airport is 138 kms.

By Train
Ajmer is connected to Delhi, and Jaipur

By Road
Delhi: 392 kms - Jaipur: 138 kms - Bikaner: 233 kms - Ahmedabad: 526 kms

(Pushkar Fair Date 20011 - 2nd / 10th November 2011)

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