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HOME Pilgrimage places in INDIA Rameswaram

Pilgrimage places in INDIA

Rameswaram One Of The 4th Dhams Mentioned In Hindu Mythology

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Rameswaram is as ancient as Ramayana. This place was noted in Ramayana. Devotees hailed Rameswaram as the Varanasi of the south. This island people Trust Sea for their living. It is treated as a holy place, devotees bathe in the sea and bathing gate is popular there. Rameswaram is known for its long corridors and towers and 36 theerthams. Veranda is 197metres long south to north. The temple is facing the east. The sea is just 100metres away from the entrance of the temple. Sea is very calm, that water is considered scared.
Rameshwaram is significant for the Hindus as a pilgrimage to Benaras is incomplete without a Pilgrimage to Rameshwaram. The presiding deity is the Linga Of Sri Ranganatha, which happens to be one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of India. Rameshwaram is also popularly referred to as the 'Benaras of the south'. In order to attain Moksha it is believed that the visit to Rameshwaram is mandatory.
There are many famous Temple located near Rameswaram. Kondandarama temple is located on the way between Dhanushkoti and the ramanatha temple. Ramanatha temple is the places which attract the devotees.

Mythological History
According to the Hindu mythology i.e. the story of Ramayana Lord Rama performed thanksgiving rituals to Lord Rama after the battle at Sri Lanka and his triumph over the demon king Ravana. Owing to this Rameshwaram attracts Vaishnavites (worshippers of Lord Vishnu) and Saivites (worshippers of Lord Shiva) alike. Sri Lanka is at a distance of 24 kilometers from Rameshwaram. In fact the entire area of Rameshwaram is associated with various incidents from the Ramayana. Rameshwaram happens to one of the most visited pilgrim sites in India.

Pleace to Visit

Kurusadi Island (23 kms ) 
 This and  number of other islands are situated to the west of the Pamban Bridge. It is a paradise  for biologists. There are  number of other islands in the area.

Ramanathapuram ( 55 Kms ) 
 Apart from being the district headquarters, this is an ancient town from where Sethupathis  ruled  their territory. The Ramalinga Vilasam palace with good paintings, and the tomb of Thayumana  swamigal, a philosopher saint, are worth visiting.

Mandapam ( 18 Kms )  
Connects Rameswaram with the main land. A boat ride to Kurusadai island can be arranged from  here. 

Tirupallani ( 64 Kms ) 
It is also called as Dharbasayanam, the Vishnu temple is dedicated to Lord Adi  Jaganathaperumal. 

Devipattinam ( 70 Kms ) 
It is also called as Navabashanam, this coastal village has a temple dedicated to Devi who is said  to have killed the Demon  Mahishasura at this spot. 

Uthirakosamangai ( 72 Kms ) 
There is an ancient Siva temple , where the deity  is carved in Emerald.The annual "Arudhra"  festival  in December attracts  large number of devotees. 

Erwadi ( 80 Kms ) : 
The Tomb of Ibrahim syed aulia is visited by the Muslim pilgrams from other states, Sri Lanka,  Malaysia and Singapore.The annual festival in honour of this muslim saint, takes place in December. 

Uppoor ( 85 Kms ) :                                                                                                              
There is a Vinayagar temple at this place. It is said that Sri Rama worshipped the Vinayagar on  his way to SriLanka.
Valinokkam ( 90 Kms )                                                                                                                      
A sea side village with a verdant beach and natural scene. The sea is very calm here. 

How to get there ?

By Air
Madurai Airport is the nearest one.

By Train
It is a terminus on the Southern Railway metre gauge line and has trains to Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Thanjavur.

By Road
Rameswaram is connected by road to all important towns and has bus services from Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy, etc.

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